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body positive boot camp

6 months

50 Sessions

Choose this package to pay $3,750 upfront

6 months

50 Sessions

Choose this package to pay $3,750 across six monthly payments of $625. Six month packages amount to $75 per session. 

12 months

100 Sessions

Choose this package to pay $7,000 upfront.

12 months

100 Sessions

Choose this package to pay $6,999.96 across twelve monthly payments of $583.33. Twelve month packages amount to $70 per session. 

Body Positive Boot Camp is where you can work out in the absence of unsolicited diet-talk and any weight-loss industry bullsh*t.


Founder, Bianca Russo is a certified personal trainer and a Health At Every Size pledge signer.


Body Positive Boot Camp workouts are inclusive to all body sizes and experience level. Each program is customized to align with your current fitness level and performance goals, if applicable.

If you're ready to feel welcome in a gym and to work closely with an expert trainer who is sensitive to your vibe, then Body Positive Boot Camp has the Affirming AF fitness program for you!

Ready to get to work?