Training with you seems out of my budget. What do you suggest for someone looking to get active?

> Upon request, a sliding scale is always available.

Do you offer in-person training at a gym or, outdoors? 

> We will not be offering regular in-person training in the future. We will remain online. 

How much do you charge for personal training?

> Visit our personal training page for prices on initial session, single sessions + packages. 


What do you suggest for most people after their initial personal training session?

> If you feel we are a good fit, then there are two options:

1.) Sign up for single sessions ($95) at any interval that works for you. 

2.) Sign up for a package of 6 sessions ($85 each) or 12 sessions ($75 each).


How often do you suggest that we meet for personal training?

> It's preferred to train folks 1-2 times per week for at least 6 weeks but, this definitely depends on what feels sustainable when you begin training. When the time is right, you are also encouraged to workout 1-2 times per week independently in addition to personal training with Bianca. This varies widely for everyone!

I purchased a personal training package. How do I schedule my sessions?

> Watch this tutorial to learn how to schedule one appointment at a time:

> Watch this tutorial to learn how to schedule multiple, recurring appointments:

> Watch this tutorial to learn how to schedule appointments after some time has passed since you purchased your package: 

I do not identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. Can I still train with you?

> Of course! Everyone is welcome here.

I haven't worked out in a LONG time. What do you recommend? 

> Please book a call with me so we can discuss your history and any conditions you may have. This will help me to understand whether personal training or classes are the safest choice as you taper back into being physically active.

I want to do classes but, I'm afraid they will be too difficult for me.


> We encourage folks to workout at their own pace. Don't push yourself too hard at first. See how you feel after taking it easy in your first class. Are you feeling sore a few days after the class? Keep up that good work at a low intensity so that your body can adjust to all the new physical demands. Increase workout intensity and frequency as you feel more energized and confident. Still unsure? Book a call with Bianca. 

What's the best class for a complete beginner?

> Zumba is best for beginners. This cardio dance party is a 45-min standing class where you move your full body to the music.


> Embody is good for beginner - intermediates. This 45-min yoga/barre class incorporates both standing and floor work. 


>Total Body HIIT is a 30-minute strength, cardio and core circuit that's intermediate - advanced. We welcome everyone to try it -- remember, work at your own pace! This class incorporates both standing and floor work. 

> Accommodations are always available: seated work is always an option, and we try to find alternatives for floor work for those who cannot kneel, putting pressure on their knees or wrists for example.

What do I need to have to be prepared for class?

> Technically, you don't need anything except water. If you like, you can use a yoga mat but it's not required. The amount of space you need is about the same size as a yoga mat. No other equipment is required. 


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