Body Positive Boot Camp is adding a new class time! You can now take Total Body on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9 pm EST! 


To keep providing you with safe and accessible programming, Boot Camp will remain virtual permanently. Throughout the month of September, we will continue to offer online personal training and group classes, Zumba, Intro to Kettlebells, Embody, and Total Body Workout.


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Folks, remember to take a break and be gentle with yourselves. The overwhelming environmental input is constant, especially in the chaos of 2020, so it's incredibly important to step back from everything once in a while. Check in with yourself. Are you staying hydrated and feeding yourself? Are you sleeping and showering? Are you taking care of your body and giving it what it needs? 

Sometimes, taking a break also means taking a break from your fitness routine, whether that's in the form of a longer vacation or a rest day incorporated into your routine, but remember to come back to your kettle bells when you're rested and ready! 


Practice mindfulness by taking stock of your harvest, both metaphorical and literal. In small townhouse yards under DC's changing fall leaves, people are growing all kinds of gardens. Have you started growing your own? With gyms and fitness centers still closed, it can be challenging to carve out wellness time for the body and spirit. One amazing way to move your body while also helping the earth is to keep a personal garden. Big or small, in pots or in the ground, keeping a personal garden is pretty much all upside and no downside. Don’t believe me? Check out this New Yorker article that digs deep (pun intended!) on the lifelong benefits of gardening. Just remember to step back and appreciate your harvest!

As the weather starts to chill, and the leaves start to turn to reds, oranges, and yellows, I find myself thinking about the idea of harvest. After a challenging summer, thinking about your own personal harvest can be really motivating. Ask yourself, "where in my life have I sown my time and energy, and how am I reaping the rewards?" Maybe you've finally mastered that sourdough starter you've been working on since March, or maybe you've finally nailed that one yoga pose that's always given you trouble. Maybe your fire escape gardening gave you a real harvest to 'gram about. For me, taking stock of the gains I've made since spring reminds me that I'm on the right track, rain or shine. 


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